Every business is now a technology business and with this new era comes new oppertunities. Public and private organizations use Internet of Things (IoT) wireless technology to lower power consumption and costs and connect industrial assets and infrastructure.

Using NL's IoT solutions and services, businesses can improve their opertaional efficiencies, enhance their user experiences and can simultaneously create a digital business by connecting people, process and information together.

Along with delivering efficient and cost-effective IoT solutions for businesses of different sizes and industries, NL offers a wide range of related services:

  • Advisory and Consulting Services
    • Mapping your business objectives to an IoT solution
    • Chooing the right and appropriate technology
    • Designing an IoT based solution architecture
    • Developing an IoT security strategy
    • Setting up an IoT project management
  • Implementation Services
  • Analytics
  • Support and Evolution Services

Whether you contemplate to take your first step to IoT, upscale an existing IoT application or integrate your IoT solution with an existing system, NL is ready to help you on all corners of the technology to work out a reliable and cost-effective way to address your business challenges.

NL has an extensive expertise in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technology to increase your business efficiencies and disrupt business models. We guarantee a smooth transition by ensuring step-by-step transformation of every segment of the supply chain and production chain.


NL’s IIoT solutions enable remote monitoring, control and automation of the industrial processes so that companies can enjoy benefits of higher operational efficiency with optimized asset management and efficient loss management and at the same time can offer better customer services while maintaining an end-to-end visibility of the supply and production chains. Some of the solutions offered by NL are:

  • Monitoring equipment utilization
  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Production quality control based on condition monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Industrial asset management
  • Connected supply chain management
  • Monitoring safety
  • Industrial smart and connected products