Site Survey/ Pre Sales Consulting

Planning a technological change in the factory, store, and warehouse or at any place in an organization is a herculean task. Selection of the right technology with the right product for the right application is quite a challenging task. Many a times, companies want to implement RFID wherein barcode can support best. Irrespective of the size of investment on choosing an entry level scanner or implementing an automation project, product and technology assessment need to be error free. One wrong assessment and step forward on it may turn to be a wasteful expenditure and losses in terms of time, efforts and money. To help organizations eliminating wasteful expenditures, NL offers to do a site study and pre sales consulting while you are in the planning stage so as to guide you on the current as well as future requirements in a better way.

The purpose of site survey is to clearly lay down the basis of feasibility of the solution in the given facility and ascertaining the expected results from the solution. The outcome of the site survey is the detailed report on the scope of work, complete bill of material, lead time required for implementation and cost estimation. A well planned and designed solution will not only give maximum uptime but will also reduce other operating costs.