SLA Based Services

NL is one such organization which never compromise on quality of its products and services. Our process works around our customers to give them a delightful experience of dealing with us. For us, closing a sale and successful implementation of the project are not the last activities for a successful closure. We strongly believe that after sales service is an integral part of the process. We understand that many of our solutions are implemented in mission critical environment wherein it is not practical and economical for our customer to suffer because of any kind of halt in the system. NL has a team of experienced and trained service engineers to aid you in running your business unhindered with minimal possible downtime.

Our customers can register their complaints on e-mail or over the phone and it will definitely be attended by our engineer and a complaint will be closed once it is confirmed by the customer. All our warranty claims are backed by our OEMs and a PAN India support is extended through our offices, support branches and service support locations.