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Pharmaceutical Automation

Pharma industry is one of the crucial and fastest growing industries worldwide.

One error in drug manufacturing or packing can be life threatening to somebody. There is no room for errors.

Owing to the very nature of the industry, it is one such industry with maximum number of regulations requiring them to follow stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures.

One stop Solution for pharmaceutical companies, for foolproof manufacturing process enabling hassle-free compliances and improving the Visibility of inventories across the warehouse using AIDC technologies “QR Code, Barcode, RFID, Enterprise Mobility”

NL offerings are not limited and covers all the major solutions which are the need of this industry.

  • Stores Automation ‐RM, FG
  • Dispensing Automation
  • Work-in-Process Inventory Tracking
  • Work-in-Process Automation
  • DGFT Solution
  • Quality Process Automation
  • Vision Inspection
  • Weighing Scale Automation
  • FIFO
  • Sales Force Automation