Industry Solutions

RFID Asset Management

Optimizing Asset Management through RFID Technology

  • Instantaneous Tracking of multiple assets
  • Eliminating human intervention
  • Collecting data in real-time
  • Improving Asset Visibility
  • Locating lost or misplaced assets
  • Maximizing Production
  • Accuracy
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Cost Savings
  • Data Analytics

RFID asset management is a system that uses RFID technology to track and manage physical assets within an organization. It involves the use of RFID tags or labels attached to assets, along with RFID readers and software, to streamline the monitoring and control of these assets.

Each asset is affixed with an RFID tag, which contains a unique identification number or code. These tags can be passive (powered by the reader's signal) or active (with their own power source) and can be attached to various types of assets

RFID readers emit radio-frequency signals to communicate with the RFID tags. These readers can be handheld, fixed at specific locations, or even integrated into mobile devices or gates.

When an RFID reader sends out a signal, nearby RFID tags respond by transmitting their unique ID numbers. The reader captures this data, including the tag's ID, time, and location.

The captured data is sent to a centralized database, where it is processed and stored.This software also provide features like real-time tracking, reporting, and alerts.